Save more than your lures —
Try Ultimate SmartLink for these other uses!

The Shock Knot: Convert your SmartLink into a shock-absorbing attachment clip. (1) Bend the last 1/8" of each leg 30º to the outside. (2) Fold one leg over the other just as you would fold your arms. Use wherever you need an attachment method with "give."

Downrigger ball release: Use two 20 lb. SmartLinks to attach a downrigger ball to the tether cable. This way, if caught while trolling, the ball can pull free without damaging associated equipment.

Save your spinnerbaits and jigs too!
To modify: (1) Cut the main shaft of the hook, leaving enough wire to form a loop. (2) Anneal the hook shaft by heating it over a flame until the shaft turns dull red. (3) Allow to cool, then loop the shaft to form an eyelet. (4) Attach hook of choice to eyelet with the SmartLink suited to your line/rod configuration.

Quick switch: SmartLink also allows for quick and easy switching of your spinnerbait blades.

Quick release: Use SmartLinks with dog clips or similar latching hooks for a quick-releasing attachment method for your net, waders, keys and more.

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